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Wow. Hi.

I have written 2 posts on LJ on my personal journal EVER. And I've been here for lord knows how long now.
So what is new with me? Not a whole lot. I am still single (sigh), still fantasising about rockstars I will never meet and still struggling along. I need to get out of London. This place is driving me crazy. It kinda sucks, when all your friends are in couples and there's just you, the giant gooseberry... meh. I don't like to whine and be all self-pitiful so lets move on from this...

Today some Tory canvassers came to my door and I laughed them away. As if I would EVER vote Conservative.

Oh god I'm about to go into a rant aren't I?

Maybe this journal is best left unattended.

I'll have to get writing again soon. I keep saying I will but it's just so hard, sometimes. I feel like I have a story to tell and no way to tell it. It's extremely tiresome sometimes, here inside my head.

Oh man there I go again, feeling sorry for myself.

There are plenty of good things out there. I know that, I'm just tired and ratty.


The Rapture Fail

Oh well we're all alive, what a shame, I was quite looking forward to this rapture business really. I mean, it saves me from exams, doesn't it?

Nevermind, cheer up, it's not the end of the world!

Now roll on 11/11/11, the next end of the world.
And 2012, the one after that. I know for a fact there are gonna be some rockin' end of the world parties, in which I will get very very drunk.

Until then, life must go on.

What a rubbish apocoplypse this is, outside the sun is still shining. Maybe it's started on an ironic note or something.

Or the rapture stuff was bullshit.

I strongly suspect the second.

Ohai, Harold Camping!

It's Not My Fault You Suck

You can't blame me for your personal failings! What on earth do you think this is?

If you offer your support for someone and they reject it, you eventually get the message. That person can't then turn round and say you're not supportive enough. IT'S JUST AN UNWRITTEN RULE.

But they'd also be the first to pull you up if you did such a thing.

I am not even angry, simply insulted.

How. Very. Rude.

Perhaps if people spent less time complaining about stuff and more time actually doing something about it, there'd be less to complain about in the first place.

Take responsibility for your own actions.

After all, it's not my fault you suck.



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